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Free access to Nigeria’s ‘Sun News Online’ web stats

August 29, 2010  »  Statistics2 Comments

Sun News Online annual web traffic growth {statcounter}

For some reason, the online traffic analytics of one of Nigeria’s top news outlets, The Sun News Online, are available to the public. That’s right – a hyperlink inviting visitors to “View My Stats” exists in the footer of the Sun News Online site. In turn, a quick click brings us to a StatCounter page of this site which provides a variety of macro- and micro- trends. However, recent trends are limited to the last 100 page loads. Still, some interesting stats become apparent:

  • The number of first-time visitors increased by 35% between 2007-2008, but has since leveled off to 13%
  • Pageviews grew by 32% from 2007-2008 but have already increased by 28% in 2010 vs. 2009 with 4 months remaining in the year
  • Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser used to access the site
  • Even at 4am local time, Google AdSense banners receive greater than 1 click per minute (!)
  • The “Sun Girl”, a brief personal ad that changes daily, is disproportionately popular. Go figure.
  • Faity4u2000

    Every word that is written page on this page is of how disapointed we are from kabala west region of kaduna. We were promised protection of lives and properties, but to our greatest suprise we have to battle our way to live and ther was no security forces to protect us from this criminals that call themselves CPC supporters, all they were after was to kill and distroy. We had to battle for over ten hours before the security forces were sent to rescue us. Now we the youth of kabala west are totally disapointed in Yakowa, what took him so long? if we hadn’t stood up for ourselves there would have been gross masacre, because these CPC criminals are willing to kill everything living. We were told we had the right to vote whoever we want, now why are the CPC forcing people to vote for them and why are they causing so much trouble, this election was free and fair, why must it be Buhari? Now we voted PDP in kabala west and we were not protected by its government. Dont expect anything good from us this time.
    Oluwatoye D. A

  • Thank you so much for sharing news from Kabala West…It’s awful what is happening and I wish you safety and stability in the coming days. Please keep us posted.