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In Brief: Facebook user stats

April 9, 2011  »  StatisticsNo Comment

The social media giant tends to keep such statistics private, but allows potential advertisers the number of accounts tied to a given country in the form of “Estimated Reach”:

facebook ad demographics

If you know where to look, Facebook allows exploration of geo and demo data. Click to enlarge. {}

In case you are wondering, the global Facebook statistics present over at SocialBakers actually are scraped daily from Facebook’s own database. A manual pull of the numbers matches up perfectly with the SocialBakers table.

Not only does the Facebook advertising reach tool count users by log-in country, but it also allows more precise demographic targeting by age, gender, sexual preference, education status, and interest. Facebook itself states that the data is an estimate, but one would imagine that the numbers, if pulled from actual user stats, is accurate.

It would be interesting to easily see a more detailed age breakdown, but the time needed to produce the results for every country would probably outweigh the benefits. African advertisers would be wise to use this tool, however.

Also, for reasons unknown, Facebook lacks user data from a handful of African nations:

  • Ivory Coast
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Sudan
  • Zimbabwe

Perhaps the void for Ivory Coast, Sudan, and Zimbabwe has to do with political turmoil. Guinea-Bissau may have essentially no Facebook users. Not sure about Liberia…

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