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In Libya, YouTube traffic even more stifled than regular traffic

February 22, 2011  »  StatisticsNo Comment
libya google youtube traffic

Two normalized graphs in one (y-axis scaled). Blue: Google Search traffic originating from Libya; Red: Libyan YouTube traffic. Click to enlarge {Google Transparency}

According to Google’s Transparency Report (an emerging & powerful tool to monitor government interference with ISPs), web traffic going to and from Libya remains flatter than normal. Nothing new there – it’s been widely reported that the Libyan government has strategically reduced connectivity at certain times throughout the day. Most interesting, however, is the observation that YouTube has been banned altogether. Access to the site went down on February 17th, roughly two days before authorities demanded the Internet as a whole be shuttered.

Of course, despite the blockage, scores of YouTube videos continue to emerge from the Libyan tumult. After all, even if Libyans cannot access YouTube, they can still theoretically export a video for upload to a user in another country via what’s left of Libyan Internet service.

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