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Infographic: Internet users in South Africa (2011)

March 23, 2013  »  StatisticsNo Comment

We just came across this elegant infographic from South African designer Marianne Geldenhuys of Moon Studio. The data appears to be from later in 2011, but the broad picture is still applicable. And the graphic is pleasing to look at, even if a couple of pie charts have too many data points.


Click to enlarge. {}

South African Internet demographics (as of 2011):

  • 64% white
  • 69% male
  • 38% home access
  • 45% age 25-40
  • 16% earn less than R12000 per month
  • 50% have a university degree or greater
  • 50% ADSL (much lower as of 2013)

Findings from Google South Africa (as of 2011):

  • One third of SA’s top 100 advertisers did not yet advertise online
  • Searches for jobs/education in SA grew 57% year on year for 4 years from 2007-2011
  • 925,000 smartphones were activated every day
  • 48 hours of video was uploaded every minute on YouTube
  • On weekends, 65% of Google searches came from mobile devices (vs. 25% on weekdays)
  • By 2020 about 20 million South Africans will be Internet users
  • 47% of South Africans had accessed YouTube

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