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OpenApps finds there is no typical Nigerian web user

June 19, 2013  »  StatisticsNo Comment

OpenApps is a market intelligence system that aggregates Internet users behavior from multiple high traffic sources to support the development of intuitive digital services in Nigeria. More than 70 Nigerian websites are collecting non-personal data from every recent visitor. The information is being used to turn the Nigerian technology ecosystem into a knowledge driven community.

After 6.5 million visits, the OpenApps program has a healthy amount of data to make well-informed conclusions. Namely, that there is no typical Nigerian web user. PCs are more common than mobile devices, but the difference is still not a landslide (although it is statistically significant). Windows may be the most common operating system, but browsers are even less clear-cut. Nokia, Firefox, and Opera all have between 17% and 20% share.

Devices: 54% mobile, 41% PC, 5.5% tablet


Tablets are still scarce. {OpenApps Nigeria}

OS: 35% Windows, 18% BlackBerry, 6% Apple, 5% Android, 4% Symbian, 1% Linux, 32% Other/Unknown



BlackBerry is hanging onto 2nd place. Apple leads Android. {OpenApps Nigeria}

Browser: 20% Nokia, 18% Firefox, 17% Opera, 14% BlackBerry, 12% Chrome, 6% IE, 5% Safari, 3% Android, 5% Other


Very split, but at least IE is not popular… {OpenApps Nigeria}

The OpenApps initiative is ongoing and is supported by the Co-Creation Hub.

Note: Nearly 35 million mobile subscribers in Nigeria use internet data plans.

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