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Survey finds high number of Internet users in Kinshasa, DR Congo

October 7, 2012  »  Statistics2 Comments

An annual Internet market survey has found a surprisingly high number of Internet users in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Performed by the local “l’Agence Expert”, the market study looks at Internet trends within the capital city. The authors of the survey conclude the causes for the “unprecedented rise” in Internet use are lower costs on the behalf of ISPs and greater adoption of mobile by the consumers.

General findings seem true: frequency of use and demand for mobile services have risen, especially in the past five years. For the purpose of this post, and the otherwise of data from DRC, we will accept these numbers as ballpark estimates. Please take these with a grain of salt, too, since we cannot find the methodology behind the survey, despite claims it is now in its tenth year. Those commenting on the article on are less optimistic of DR Congo’s Internet growth.

Findings (translated from French to English):

  • Potential demand is strong. The rate of intention to access a private connection prances to 88% in 2012.
  • The number of daily users connected to the Internet has doubled in 10 years, rising to 14% during this year. (Note: this means there are approximately 1.3 million daily Internet users in the city)
  • The majority of those living in Kinshasa still have not used the Internet. 57% of Kinois have never used the Internet as of 2012 (down from 70% in 2002). (Note: the current number seems logical, but the fact that 30% of the city had access the Internet as of 2002 seems out of place)
  • By occupation: 33% of university students, 32% of leaders, 22% of employees, and 10% of secondary students use the Internet daily.
  • A reported 36% of Kinois who use the Internet have mobile Internet access.
  • 1% have household Internet access (down from 2% in 2007) and cyber café attendance is down from 2007.

{Original source: Les Dépeches de Brazzaville, Edition Kinshasa via}