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Think with Google measures YouTube Audience in Egypt

July 18, 2012  »  StatisticsNo Comment

Think with Google, a marketing research arm of Google, strives to keep up with the insights and ideas that can be used to inform strategies and products.

Just this month, the group released findings from a study on Egyptian YouTube audience habits. The results come from a sample of 615 YouTube users in Egypt, ages 15 years and older, across all major cities.

According to the authors, the most interesting points from Egypt are:

  • 44% of Egypt’s internet users are using YouTube on a daily basis and 97% of them have a positive opinion about it
  • Aside from watching videos, 55% of users also actively upload videos, 17% create playlists and 15% write textual comments

Additionally, we find that:

  • 80% feel YouTube offers quality content
  • Fewer than 40% feel that the site doesn’t have enough Arabic content
  • 93% use YouTube at least once per week
  • 59% of YouTube users are men
  • 5% access YouTube via smartphone, although 28% have mobile Internet access

So, in general, Egyptian Internet users are very much like the typical European or American online user: they love to watch YouTube videos for entertainment and are happy with the online video platform. The findings suggest more could be done to encourage the creation of Arabic content, but at the same time, roughly half of Egyptian YouTube users are already uploading videos.

The 27-page report is embedded below.

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