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Video roundup: white space broadband, 4G for Tanzania, ICT in education, BRCK, and more
June 11, 2013 ♦ No Comment

Like last month, the majority of YouTube videos highlighting ICT progress come from East Africa and Ghana, but this month also includes Namibia and Tunisia.

OA News: May 27 – June 8, 2013 (General Africa)
June 8, 2013 ♦ No Comment

The second part of this week’s African Internet news round-up consists of 44 stories that focus on African ICT trends.

Musings on African average revenue per user (ARPU)
April 19, 2013 ♦ No Comment

African mobile ARPUs vary so much across different countries in Africa and there is less 3G and 4G than one would expect.

What lies in store for African Internet in 2013?
January 4, 2013 ♦ No Comment

African nations are rapidly going online. We anticipate positive developments with definite challenges in execution for 2013.

All About African 4G LTE
September 12, 2012 ♦ 4 Comments
All About African 4G LTE

As of February 2016, mobile operators in 28 African nations offer commercial 4G LTE service – up from only 6 in early 2013.

Video: The Magical Effect of the Internet in Africa
February 8, 2012 ♦ No Comment

Anat Bar-Gera, co-founder of 4G Africa, a broadband wireless Internet service provider operating in Cameroon, gave a short presentation at December 2011’s TEDxBayArea.