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Nigeria ICT Headline Roundup, January – September 2015
September 8, 2015 ♦ No Comment

A recap of national ICT headlines for the first 8+ months of 2015.

Gains in women’s rights made online are not always certain or stable
January 22, 2015 ♦ No Comment
Gains in women’s rights made online are not always certain or stable

ICTs raise awareness of the need to improve women’s rights. There needs to be even greater policy intervention, however.

Is African broadband data worth it?
January 20, 2015 ♦ One Comment
Is African broadband data worth it?

A Research ICT Africa policy brief from June 2014 asks the question: “Is broadband data worth the money?” The answer depends on where you live.

Video roundup: engaging African learners, changing lives in Zambia, empowering women in Senegal & Cameroon, and more
January 5, 2015 ♦ No Comment

More than twenty online videos from June – December 2014 show how technology is educating youth, empowering women, and strengthening economies.

African crowdfunding platforms like Nigeria’s Funda Solva tackle lack of trust, understanding
December 22, 2014 ♦ 2 Comments

African crowdfunding platforms are starting to appear but they are facing limited engagement.

Online Africa Weekly Top 10: free Internet services in Zambia, Uber in Lagos, ICT prevents spread of Ebola, and more
August 5, 2014 ♦ No Comment

Top stories relating to African internet in early August 2014 include a partnership to bring free online services to Zambians, Uber for Lagos, and ICT to prevent the spread of Ebola in West Africa.