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List: Social networks used in Africa

October 25, 2009  »  Uncategorized143 Comments

Updated regularly, but will be thoroughly updated within the next month. Mbwana Alliy has written an excellent post on the prospects for social networks in Africa. Find it at Afrinnovator.

Apart from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a multitude of other social networks are growing in popularity and have the potential to draw new users online. African social networks popular in Africa include:

  • hi5: Popular throughout much of the world
  • Netlog: A blogging service available in dozens of languages
  • Skyblog: A French blogging site, popular in North Africa
  • Badoo: Multi-cultural site, claims over 46 millions users
  • MXit: Mobile internet and social networking application based in SA with over 14mm global users
  • AfricanZone: A general social network, founded in 2008
  • African Path Village: Runs on Ning
  • Blueworld: South African community
  • East African Tube: Based on YouTube
  • NaijaBorn: A new Nigerian community site
  • PlentyAfricans: Still in Beta mode (remains in Beta as of early 2011)
  • tansali: Focuses on entertainment news
  • JuJuNation: Video social network
  • Sembuse: SMS mobile network with 1000 character limit
  • Maneno: A promising minimalistic blogging platform that offers a variety of languages. Still in Beta stage
  • Afrigator: A blog, photo, and video sharing network based in South Africa
  • Gatorpeeps: A social community located at Afrigator that shares similarities to Twitter
  • Kenya Social Network: A Kenyan version of Linkedin
  • Gnaija: Nigerian social network
  • Naijapals: Nigerian social network
  • Zoopy: A South African social video site with a vibrant look


  • Asanja: Nigeria but also from other African countries such as Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, and many others. Aims to become a 100% pan-african social network in the following months. Started late 2009. (Press release)
  • Popular in Togo, this social network allows photos, music, and videos. The site runs on a the “Smart Community Builder” platform.
  • AfricanPlanet: Connecting Africans from across the globe – gaining a couple of members every day.
  • Bongoline: Since July 2010, this social network has aimed to connect Tanzanians.
  • Swahili Nation: “For anyone who loves Africa (nearly 72,000 members)”
  • Star53: An integrated social platform with the intention of encouraging communication and African development
  • Africa Meets Africa: “Diaspora Unplugged”
  • Veepiz: “Developed by East Africans, this site is a social community and news/marketing outlet”
  • Ghana Nation: A forum layout with 28,000+ members
  • KokoLiko: Chat with over 4,000 Ghanaians
  • Ghanastation: A networking site with a business slant. Integrates with Facebook
  • SkilledAfricans: The first African Business Network, with over 50,000 members. Similar to LinkedIn
  • Whive: Kenyan social platform connecting people through SMS, Facebook, and mobile
  • Motribe: Founded in South Africa, Motribe is a platform enabling users, brands, agencies and publishers across the world to build and manage their own mobile social communities
  • Viadeo: A business and career network site, started in France and popular in Europe and developing nations
  • Afroterminal: African social, business, entertainment, and information Network that connects those at home and abroad
  • AfricanSeer: An information portal with 21,000+ members and 1,100+ friendships
  • Camerborn: Cameroonian social network
  • The Grid: Location-based Vodafone social network in South Africa
  • AfricanWeb: New as of mid-2011, AfricanWeb connects Africans and their friends. Has a business-intent and free webmail
  • Pulse: Educationally-inclined social network about to go live in late 2011. Founded in Buea, Cameroon
  • 1PlusAll: Social network that gained 1,500 users in its first 72 hours in July 2011. Based in Nigeria, but has a global following.
  • Amunzi: Zambian-based social network that integrates with Facebook. In Beta stage.
  • Zaamani: Promotes the use of indigenous African languages on the web, along with social and professional interaction between Africans and the world.
  • Yayane: New as of July 2011, this global network is open to all.
  • Ugandan Facebook: A Facebook clone started in October 2011 for Ugandans.
  • Bandeka: An invite-only online community where well-educated Africans can connect with other equally successful professionals.
  • NaijaVideos: Easily share and view Nigerian videos.
  • JogBe: 12,000 users in France and expanding to Francophone African nations during 2012
  • SAMDB Film Social: Social area of the South African Movie Database for those involved in the SA entertainment industry
  • Faceafrika: Social networking site dedicated for Africa and Africans Diaspora. Registered in Ghana.
  • Eskimi: Lithuanian-based mobile flirt site which reports 2.2 million users in Nigeria and over 250 000 users each in Ghana, South Africa,Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
  • OshareK: Egyptian social network started in late-January 2012
  • Site for Beninois to socialize via groups, photos, and videos
  • Ebbzworld: Ugandan interactive center that connects people with their friends and keeps them updated with the latest music, entertainment and gossip, and helps people share and solve relationship problems
  • Who’s Who in Kenya: the leading global professional networking guide is now online
  • Yookos: an “Africa-specific” social media network claiming 6 million African users
  • LeAfrique: a business networking startup
  • Sha: Zimbabwean social network with almost 2,000 members
  • “Network with Namibians”
  • Mafrii: Namibian network with a few hundred members
  • Ebwana: meet and socialize with new people through games, shared interests, friend suggestions, and more
  • Caligros: new social network that resembles Facebook
  • Yaalda!: connect and expand with IT enthusiasts
  • Konekt Africa: online community that connects and shares with Africans all over the world
  • Ndubana: An Africa professional social network
  • FriendzDiary: A Nigerian-founded social diary network that gives you the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones
  • Afrifaces: Connects Africans home and abroad in African and around the world. Users can even earn money by socializing.
  • MamboPoint: East African social network still in Beta. Share events and connect with friends.
  • Afriuka: The largest African diaspora social platform in Europe.
  • Yaalda!: To reduce the digital divide in Africa.
  • Wafeo: Business-to-business social network in French & English.
  • Beeptool: A ‘special environment’ that brings networking possibilities together on one platform
  • Streemout: A simple and personal social network to connect Africans through similar interests
  • MeSociable: African social network with a blend of social stream, dating and chatting.
  • Toeter: Basically, an Afrikaans-language Twitter.
  • Yarnme: Nigerian online forum.
  • Zim Professionals: An online community connecting Zimbabwean professionals, university students, and talent.
  • FrienditePlus: Nigerian social network with hundreds of thousands of users.

Please add any services that are not on this list.


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