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List: Social networks used in Africa

October 25, 2009  »  Uncategorized164 Comments

No longer updated regularly as of 2015.

Apart from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a multitude of other social networks are growing in popularity and have the potential to draw new users online. African social networks popular in Africa include:

  • hi5: Popular throughout much of the world
  • Netlog: A blogging service available in dozens of languages
  • Skyblog: A French blogging site, popular in North Africa
  • Badoo: Multi-cultural site, claims over 46 millions users
  • AfricanZone: A general social network, founded in 2008
  • African Path Village: Runs on Ning
  • Blueworld: South African community
  • East African Tube: Based on YouTube
  • NaijaBorn: A new Nigerian community site
  • PlentyAfricans: Still in Beta mode (remains in Beta as of early 2011)
  • JuJuNation: Video social network
  • Sembuse: SMS mobile network with 1000 character limit
  • Maneno: A promising minimalistic blogging platform that offers a variety of languages. Still in Beta stage
  • Afrigator: A blog, photo, and video sharing network based in South Africa
  • Gatorpeeps: A social community located at Afrigator that shares similarities to Twitter
  • Kenya Social Network: A Kenyan version of Linkedin
  • Gnaija: Nigerian social network
  • Naijapals: Nigerian social network
  • Zoopy: A South African social video site with a vibrant look


  • Bongoline: Since July 2010, this social network has aimed to connect Tanzanians.
  • Swahili Nation: “For anyone who loves Africa (nearly 72,000 members)”
  • Star53: An integrated social platform with the intention of encouraging communication and African development
  • Veepiz: “Developed by East Africans, this site is a social community and news/marketing outlet”
  • Ghana Nation: A forum layout with 28,000+ members
  • KokoLiko: Chat with over 4,000 Ghanaians
  • Ghanastation: A networking site with a business slant. Integrates with Facebook
  • SkilledAfricans: The first African Business Network, with over 50,000 members. Similar to LinkedIn
  • Whive: Kenyan social platform connecting people through SMS, Facebook, and mobile
  • Viadeo: A business and career network site, started in France and popular in Europe and developing nations
  • Afroterminal: African social, business, entertainment, and information Network that connects those at home and abroad
  • Camerborn: Cameroonian social network
  • AfricanWeb: New as of mid-2011, AfricanWeb connects Africans and their friends. Has a business-intent and free webmail
  • Pulse: Educationally-inclined social network about to go live in late 2011. Founded in Buea, Cameroon
  • 1PlusAll: Social network that gained 1,500 users in its first 72 hours in July 2011. Based in Nigeria, but has a global following.
  • Amunzi: Zambian-based social network that integrates with Facebook. In Beta stage.
  • Zaamani: Promotes the use of indigenous African languages on the web, along with social and professional interaction between Africans and the world.
  • Ugandan Facebook: A Facebook clone started in October 2011 for Ugandans.
  • Bandeka: An invite-only online community where well-educated Africans can connect with other equally successful professionals.
  • NaijaVideos: Easily share and view Nigerian videos.
  • SAMDB Film Social: Social area of the South African Movie Database for those involved in the SA entertainment industry
  • Faceafrika: Social networking site dedicated for Africa and Africans Diaspora. Registered in Ghana.
  • Eskimi: Lithuanian-based mobile flirt site which reports 2.2 million users in Nigeria and over 250 000 users each in Ghana, South Africa,Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.
  • OshareK: Egyptian social network started in late-January 2012
  • Site for Beninois to socialize via groups, photos, and videos
  • Who’s Who in Kenya: the leading global professional networking guide is now online
  • Yookos: an “Africa-specific” social media network claiming 6 million African users
  • LeAfrique: a business networking startup
  • “Network with Namibians”
  • Caligros: new social network that resembles Facebook
  • Yaalda!: connect and expand with IT enthusiasts
  • Konekt Africa: online community that connects and shares with Africans all over the world
  • Ndubana: An Africa professional social network
  • FriendzDiary: A Nigerian-founded social diary network that gives you the opportunity to connect with friends and loved ones
  • Afrifaces: Connects Africans home and abroad in African and around the world. Users can even earn money by socializing.
  • MamboPoint: East African social network still in Beta. Share events and connect with friends.
  • Afriuka: The largest African diaspora social platform in Europe.
  • Yaalda!: To reduce the digital divide in Africa.
  • Beeptool: A ‘special environment’ that brings networking possibilities together on one platform
  • Yarnme: Nigerian online forum.
  • Zim Professionals: An online community connecting Zimbabwean professionals, university students, and talent.
  • FrienditePlus: Nigerian social network with hundreds of thousands of users.

Please add any services that are not on this list.