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African tech quotes from August 2012

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Our monthly series of quotes on African technology and progress continues with a variety of insights from entrepreneurs, political leaders, business executives, and everyday citizens. Most speakers are African and all are actively involved in creating a digital Africa.

It’s getting cheaper on two accounts – investments and also the economies of scale.” – Paul Kukubo, chief executive of the Kenyan ICT board on how Internet access is getting cheaper

Google is committed to Africa and we continue to develop and release products that are locally relevant and useful for Africans.” – Joseph Mucheru, Google Kenya country manager

If we can take technology and build off of the infrastructure that’s already in place, what that does, it allows us to push these at a low investment for the amount of return that you actually get.”Dr. Felix Olale, executive chairman at investment banking firm Excelsior Firm on the future for healthcare in Africa

Overall, the mobile ecosystem in Africa is creating many more jobs than we could ever have imagined just five years ago.”Peter Lyons, GSMA director of Spectrum Policy for Africa and the Middle East

I challenge anyone to show any country in the world that has 100% broadband. Maybe 80% is more realistic given the rate at which things are going; the prospects do not look good.”Dominic Cull, legal adviser to the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), on South Africa’s prospects of hitting a goal of 100% broadband access by 2020

‘Broadband’ means an always available, multimedia capable connection with a minimum download speed as determined by the Minister from time to time by Notice in the Gazette.”ECA Amendment Bill of 2012 published in the South African Government Gazette dated 18 July 2012, on the definition of broadband

Spend on data is a barometer for the rapid increase both in the number of Internet users in South Africa and in the intensity with which experienced users engage with the Internet.”Arthur Goldstuck, in the Mobililty 2012 study

More than 90% of projects across Africa are now driven by communication hence the growing importance of Information Communication Technology (ICT).” – Lee Taaziva, Zimbabwe Computer Society Vice President

Our view as a ministry is that before year we do the launch of ICT policy. The ICT sector is one where speed thrills, the internet doesn’t sleep when we go to sleep. Our infrastructure was once robust but that was a long time ago, so we need to make sure that we make it current.” – Zimbabwean Information and Communication Technology Minister Nelson Chamisa

While the internet is fast becoming a major source of information, very little content generated within Africa has been made available online.”Dr. Seyfu Ketema, executive director Asareca, on the lack of African research shared online

A poor backbone infrastructure cannot support this solution.”Crispus Ombogo, partner systems engineer for sales at Cisco Systems Management B.V, an IT firm in Kenya, on cloud computing

With regard to Cellcom’s claim of having 4G capability, the LTA has embarked on an investigation exercise to determine the veracity of this claim as is being advertised by Cellcom.” – Liberia Telecommunications Authority press release questioning whether GSM company Cellcom truly offers 4G LTE

We are thrilled to make this unbelievable product available to Nigerians.”Rutger-Jan van Spaandonk, executive director of Core Group Africa, on Apple’s introduction of the iPad to the Nigerian market

The present broadband penetration is estimated to be less than 7 per cent and the average broadband penetration in Africa is estimated at about 4 per cent.” – Executive Vice Chairman, NCC, Dr. Eugene Juwah

We hope that the private sector gets involved in the country’s economy, and that all the companies compete fairly.”Tahani Chrif, a Libyan political commentator, on the decision to privatize the Libyan telecoms sector

Even though my job has already got me arrested – most recently, just last month – I love doing it because this blog is me. I can share my vision and thoughts.” – Congolese blogger Alain Wandimoyi

In fact, we would love to see Africans returning to Africa by giving them a landing pad for building their own startups; they can also help boost the local startup talent pool.” – 88mph accelerator founder Kresten Buch

Social media is a positive asset to Tunisian media. It is a source of information for the Tunisian people and the most trusted source of news.”Hichem Snoussi, a media expert and member of the National Committee of Information and Communication Reform (INRIC)

Specifically, the ultra-fast broadband plan, which has been approved by the government, will give the entire population access to telecommunication services within ten years – that is, by 2022.” – Morocco National Telecommunications Regulation Agency (ANRT) chief Azzeddine El Mountassir Billah

We understand the African Internet and see ourselves as not a cable, but a Pan-African network.”Aidan Baigrie, Seacom’s head of business development

Note: All quotations include a link to the source that originally cited the speaker.

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