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Some images of cyber cafés, sorted by country

December 14, 2009  »  UncategorizedOne Comment

Architecturally speaking, Internet cafes are not the most attractive buildings on the planet. Many are cheaply constructed shacks and others are falling apart. Simplicity is a given, but it is the interior of the building that counts. Cyber cafes are built to provide an access point to the Internet. They are not meant to stand as experiments in futuristic design or exist as sterile institutions. Instead, the Internet (cyber) café is a place for social gathering, local entrepreneurship, and the cultivation of ICT skills.

There are two groups established on the photo site Flickr dedicated to aggregating images of internet cafes from around the world. Additionally, Webshots has a few images, and a Google image search turns up another dozen or so. Most image rights are reserved to the uploaders, so links will have to do. There are undoubtedly many more images of Internet café exteriors, but these will have to do for now:

The Gambia: 1

Kenya: 1 2 3 4 5

Senegal: 1 2 3

Sudan: 1

Egypt: 1 2

Cameroon: 1

Democratic Republic of Congo: 1

South Africa: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Ghana: 1 2 3

Mali: 1

Burkina Faso: 1

Liberia: 1

Morocco: 1 2

Ethiopia: 1 2

Malawi: 1 2

Uganda: 1 2

Tanzania: 1

Sierra Leone: 1

Algeria: 1

Nigeria: 1

Niger: 1

Rwanda: 1

  • Roald Hubbard

    I want to help west Africa countries. Liberia and Sierra Leon, with a INTERNET place.