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CCK’s social media campaign to register Kenyan SIM cards

December 16, 2012  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

By now most are aware of Communications Commission of Kenya’s plan to reduce mobile phone-related fraud. In order to continue to receive mobile services, all SIM cards must be registered by December 31st. Counterfeit phones will be denied access following this date.

The controversial deadline for the controversial measure is fast approaching, and CCK is running an interesting social media campaign (on Facebook and Twitter) to ensure all are in compliance with the ruling.

Dec. 5 – Beat the rush:

Dec. 6 – An important thing to do:

Dec. 8 – Don’t forget other devices:

Dec. 9 – Don’t go on holiday without registering:

Dec. 10 – Stop fraudsters:

Dec. 12 – Think of family/friends:

Dec. 13 – Think of the girl!:

Dec. 14 – Don’t embarrass yourself:

Engagement with this campaign varies greatly by post. Facebook posts (there are 6,571 total likes for CCK) usually see limited “liking” and sharing per post, although the December 10th warning to multiple device users earned an impressive 291 likes and 21 shares. Each tweet receives a handful of shares. Bottom line: although the campaign is a good idea and means well, it is unlikely the majority of Kenyans affected by the SIM registration are seeing these messages.

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