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Gallery of African Brewery Websites

August 16, 2012  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

Stepping away from our usual scope for a few minutes…

Although brewer SABMiller finds the African homebrew beer market to be four times as large as the formal beer market (based on volume), there are plenty of official breweries vying for business. In 2010, beer consumption rates in Ethiopia were approximately four litres per capita and eleven litres per capita in Nigeria, well below the global average of 27 litres. However, consumption is expected to increase with economic growth and a middle class with more disposable income.

As of mid-2012, smaller markets and smaller breweries don’t appear to have readily accessible websites. Those who do usually do not have an official social media presence (a handful, especially Castle, do). Most of the websites for breweries we found are quite robust – especially those based in South Africa, Nigeria, and East Africa. Flash is a common element.

Without further ado, screenshots of twenty-five popular brewery homepages for brands found in Africa.

What’s your favorite African beer? Please share any sites we missed in the comments!

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