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Lesotho election spurs Facebook activity

May 27, 2012  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

May 26th marked general election day in Lesotho and though sources like The Economist noted political parties’ affinity for radio and party rallies, many Basotho have also utilized social media to spread news of elections and reactions to the results.

Facebook groups for the three dominant parties – the ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy, Mosisili’s Democratic Congress, and the All Basotho Convention – are rife with wall posts. Although the groups are not officially sanctioned by the parties, they serve a grassroots effort to secure votes. Much of the activity on these pages comes from the youth. Great to see!

The early take is that no party will likely win a majority. ABC appears to be in the overall lead after dominating urban areas with LCD doing better in rural regions. Final results of the elections are expected to be announced by Monday.

Facebook groups with large user base and recent activity:

Lesotho Congress for Democracy

Lesotho Congress for Democracy

  • Lesotho Congress for Democracy (open): 1,360 members, multiple posts per hour, “Any Mosotho and non-Mosohto who love the ruling party and Lesotho..use this as a platform as a reference point and a tool in which you may make a significant contribution to the kingdom of Lesotho” (link)
  • Lesotho Congress for Democracy (closed): 236 members, “the new forum for supporters and members of the LCD” (link)
Democratic Congress

Democratic Congress

  • Democratic Congress [Of Lesotho]: 885 members, “Official Facebook group for the ruling Democratic Congress; A fora where party issues, policies and party manifestos will be discussed by people who abide by the Party regulations”, multiple posts per hour (link)
All Basotho Congress

All Basotho Congress

  • All Basotho Convention YL (Basotho Youth Movement For Change) Toaaala!: 750 members, “Youth movement whose vision is to ensure the participation of Basotho Youth in Lesotho socio-political and economics. We are the first generation that can end poverty in our country”, multiple posts per hour (link)
  • Pray for Lesotho upcoming National Palimentary Elections on the 26\05\2012: 91 members, a handful of daily posts, most are faith-based (link)
  • Your Vote is your voice 2012 Lesotho Parliamentary Elections: 114 members, was active pre-election (link)

Follow #lesothoelections on Twitter for realtime updates from a handful of Lesothans and diasporans. The term ‘mosisili‘ (PM Pakalitha Mosisili) also yields plenty of results.

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