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Mashable’s worldwide Meetup Day to be celebrated in Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco

June 28, 2012  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

Mashable’s Worldwide Meetup Day is just around the corner. The event, which aims to recognize the digital revolution all around us, has rapidly spread after beginning only two years ago. With two days left, there are officially 3625 members set to gather in 389 communities. Of those, at least 256 Africans from 11 communities will take part in the festivities.


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Eleven Mashable communities exist in Africa. Many have been around since 2010 and seem to only come together once a year for Social Media Day. A few have met for Mashable’s Social Good Day, held in September. Still, any gathering is better than no gathering.

Where can an active discussion group be found?


  • Nairobi: 5 members plan on attending this year’s meetup. 7 attended in 2011 and 34 did so in 2010.


  • Tunis: At least 20 members are scheduled for 2012. At least a few met in 2011. SMDTunis even has a Tumblr site!


  • ad-Dar-al-Bayda: 219 members and counting plan on attending the 2012 meetup in Casablanca. 2010 saw 23 members attend.
  • Rabat: No one is scheduled for 2012.

South Africa

  • Cape Town: 9 members plan on attending the 2012 event. At least 60 attended in 2011.
  • Durban: Only 1 member is scheduled in advance. Past years have only yielded a sole attendee.
  • Johannesburg: 2 members plan on going this year. Last year: 1.
  • Pretoria: No one is scheduled for 2012.


  • Accra: 7 members went to SMD 2010, and a couple were at last year’s event. None are scheduled for 2012, however.


  • Lagos: Has met multiple times over the years. 9 members were at SMD 2010, but none are yet booked for 2012.


  • Windhoek: At least 3 members met in 2010.

Head over to the Social Media Day website for organizer tools, social links, and other information needed to follow the activity on June 30th.

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