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Recent Twitter trends for African nations in the World Cup

June 12, 2010  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

So far, only two-and-a-half World Cup groups have played matches, which means that out of the 6 African teams in the tournament, only South Africa and Nigeria have played. Both Algeria and Ghana will play in a matter of hours, but Cameroon will wait another day, and Cote d’Ivoire another day still. Accordingly, how often are global Twitter users mentioning specific African countries? Quite often, it seems, if a game has already occurred. Today, the term ‘Nigeria’ saw a greater spike in Tweets than the term ‘South Africa’ did yesterday.

The Breakdown, using

South Africa received massive attention during Friday's game, with 0.9% of tweets containing 'South Africa' {trendistic}

For a short period on Saturday, over 1.2% of tweets mentioned 'Nigeria' {trendistic}

In anticipation of Sunday's game, tweets about Ghana have more than doubled {trendistic}

'Algeria' received a spike in tweets early Sunday morning. The spike should last until post-match {trendistic}

There still are relatively few tweets about 'Cameroon' {trendistic}

...and same with 'Ghana' {trendistic}

Also of note:

'Johannesburg' received limited attention {trendistic}

...and even 'Cape Town' saw greater attention than usual {trendistic}

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