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May 18, 2014  »  UncategorizedNo Comment

Over the years, we’ve created a handful of Twitter lists to better filter the onslaught of information coming from the 2,700 accounts we follow. Although lists aren’t commonly used on the platform, the ability to curate groups of Twitter saves valuable time. The most difficult part is manually finding users to add to a given list and then maintaining the list as more organizations launch and join Twitter.

Please consider subscribing the our favorite lists and don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve created a similar one to make tracking Africa’s Internet progress more efficient!

  1. African Tech Hubs: 55 hubs, incubators, platforms, communities, innovators – highly recommended!
  2. African Telecom Operators: Track news, pricing updates, and customer service from 172 mobile operators and ISPs with an African presence
  3. African Startup Investors: 38 investment firms, VCs, foundations, angels, early stage – yes, startup investment is available for African companies
  4. African Heads of State: African Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Governments – 22 members most of which are verified
  5. African Startup Weekends: 23 events – most happen annually and give a sense of local mobile app ideas
  6. African Telecom Regulators: 7 telecommunications regulatory bodies in Africa – Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda are active
  7. African Gaming: 13 mobile and online gaming companies – a rapidly growing industry
  8. ISOC African Chapters: 12 Internet Society Chapters in Africa – conduct a variety of community training projects
  9. African IGFs: Regional Internet Governance Forums – mostly comes from 2 accounts and tends to be seasonal

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