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African ICT YouTube video roundup, October 2012 (Part 1 of 3)

October 30, 2012  »  VideoNo Comment

Quite a few videos relating to African technology have been uploaded to YouTube in the past few months. Offhand, we count 100 so far this year! We’ve fallen behind in posting the clips as soon as they are released, but better late than never. Fortunately, the content will remain pertinent for years to come.

Here’s a quick rundown of 20 of the 60 video segments that stood out (in no particular order). The country or area of focus for each is in bold:

  1. Dr Laura Mann of the Oxford Internet Institute summarizes a lecture on information technologies and marginalization in African market economies (notably Sudan) as part of the OII’s Society and the Internet Lecture Series.
  2. Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, discusses Internet access in Africa at Global INET 2012, a conference sponsored by the Internet Society. He touts affordable smartphone technology in Kenya.
  3. Capital FM Kenya did a feature on the .africa domain, interviewing Alice Munyua, chair, Kenya Internet Governance Steering Committee.
  4. Google in Africa has released a handful of videos this year. The top three include segments on African developers, the Olympics, and the Student Ambassador Summit.
  5. In 2011 UNICEF South Africa and Voices of Youth Citizens teamed up with Mxit for collecting evidence on important online behavior data of young people. Findings: majority are aged 18-24, black, female, concentrated in 3 biggest provinces, 26% have been bullied, 33% talk to strangers every week, majority ask race of strangers in their interactions.
  6. Etisalat held a contest for innovation to encourage and celebrate innovation in mobile broadband in Nigeria.
  7. InFocus reports on how mobile entrepreneurship in Uganda is taking off.
  8. A story about technology, ‘Mobinomics‘ tells of the people behind the Mxit phenomenon, and the potential for change that mobile phones have brought to Africa.
  9. Kuza Biashara interviews Hilda Moraa, founder of M-Order, an online sales and ordering platform designed for small businesses in Kenya. She works at Kenya‘s iHub.
  10. In a bid to support the advancement of literacy in South Africa, Vodacom, in partnership with Meso ICT Solutions, is rolling out internet services to libraries across the country, including those in rural areas.
  11. The Mayuge Farmers Exchange provides farmers in eastern Uganda with access to email communication and information for learning best practice farming.
  12. Rwanda is ambitiously developing its capital city, Kigali, where the city is attempting to position itself as the high-tech of East Africa. This video originally comes from CNN.
  13., a Ugandan online portal launched earlier in the year. The site aims to increase the presence of local content and encourage business.
  14. Lars Linden, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, Ericsson, talks about developments in ICT that are changing the society we live in. Connectivity and access are making the world a smaller place, he says.
  15. Erik Hersman, the founder of iHub, the co-founder of Ushahidi and the ICT blogger White African and Russell Southwood, CEO, Balancing Act converse about ICT4D.
  16. Located in the Free Zone Mandji Island (near Gabon) and connected to a broadband fiber network, the CMI will be the largest ICT Hub of the Central Africa Region. This 9-minute video shows 3D plans for the project.
  17. IBM has chosen Kenya as the location of its 12th research lab and its first in Africa.
  18. CyberSmart Africa’s “21st Century School-in-a-Box” implementation in Senegal impacts hundreds of students a day in a single school, and reaches into rural areas without electricity.
  19. Jesse Oguns, blogger at oTeKbits talks about ICT innovation in Nigeria, the innovation hubs being developed in Nigeria, and some of the interesting ICT innovations taking place in the country.
  20. The UNDP produced a video that goes inside Kenya‘s iHub tech space.

Stay tuned for videos 21-40 and 41-60…

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