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African ICT YouTube video roundup, October 2012 (Part 2 of 3)

October 31, 2012  »  VideoNo Comment

Following the previous post, here is a quick rundown of 20 more video segments from 2012 that stand out (in no particular order). The country or area of focus for each is in bold:

  1. Take a visual tour of the NICE center in Brikama, The Gambia.
  2. Connect Africa provides infrastructure to facilitate private and public services in Zambia. Dion Jerling, Special Projects Director, explains briefly what Connect Africa is about.
  3. For hardcore African ICT followers, watch a 55-minute stream from the opening of ICT Indaba, Cape Town.
  4. Google communications manager for East Africa Dororthy Ooko, speaks to the need for brands to build strong online identities, a reality she says is crucial for local players to adopt.
  5. Watch clips from International Girls in ICT Day 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria set to music by Kenny G.
  6. ACDEP, with the support of other organizations, integrates ICT in health activities for those living in Northern Ghana.
  7. kLab, is a relatively new open space for IT entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate in Kigali, Rwanda.
  8. The Asikana Network provides training, support and mentorship to women in the field of Information and Communication Technologies in Zambia.
  9. Coders4Africa is a non-profit that aims to leverage the rapid development and evolution of the wireless communications and Internet access platform in Africa. A top goal is to educate and accredit 1,000 Pan-African software developers by 2016.
  10. Nigerian blogger Loy Okezie explains how he started his blog TechLoy and touches on Nigeria‘s online successes and trends to watch out.
  11. An introduction to Impilo Connect, a telecentre offering basic ICT and information services to the Zandspruit, South Africa community.
  12. David Mugo, Adviser to Kenya’s Vice President on Digital Media & Technology and also the Chairman of the Wikimedia Kenya Board discusses the role of Wikimedia & Wikipedia in Africa, its growth, and the general growth of the ICT industry in Kenya and Africa.
  13. A 19-minute video shows youth training other youth on computer use at a BOSCO-Uganda site.
  14. Computer Aid International celebrates its 200,000th PC shipped to Africa.
  15. iindlela ICT is working with local partners in multiple countries to promote “green” IT solutions for schools, businesses, and health departments.
  16. BuddeComm has developed the ICT Investment Attractivity (ICT-IA) index as a tool for investors to identify the most attractive information and communication technology markets. A new report looks at the top five markets in Africa.
  17. Dina Pule, South Africa Minister of Communications, speaks on how the ICT sector is becoming increasingly responsible for enabling economic growth in the country.
  18. NTV reports on the proposal by Communications Commission of Kenya to monitor Internet usage in the country.
  19. Al-Jazerra’s ‘The Stream’ looks at the opportunities and challenges facing Africa’s tech innovators.
  20. A conversation with Elizabeth Wood, Director of Digital Publishing for Worldreader. She wants to turn old phones into smartphones in order to distribute high quality books to developing countries.

Stay tuned for videos 41-60…

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