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CNBC’s interview with IMPACT Chairman on African cybersecurity

July 22, 2010  »  VideoNo Comment

Notes from the video examining the 3rd ICT Best Practices Forum, recently hosted in Burkina Faso:

  • Over 300 government & corporate leaders from 55 countries discussed solutions to online threats to national security, infrastructure, and national services
  • Global increase of 8.9% malware over first half of year
  • Global concern needs a global response
  • Increased collaboration, legislation, and education are needed
  • Few countries have legislation to process criminals
  • Cybersecurity doesn’t rank highly among priorities of developing nations
  • Developed nations should pay attention – a single wave of attacks on America could exceed $700 billion
  • Costs already exceed $1 trillion annually
  • Sec Gen. of ITU: we are as strong as the weakest link, every country must put in place a national legal and regulatory framework so we can criminalize crime
  • President of Burkina Faso: Next step should be international summit to address cyber security, like similar events on WMDs and nuclear weapons

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