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Early March ICT video round-up

March 11, 2010  »  VideoOne Comment

YouTube is an excellent platform to present African stories and updates to the rest of the world. Five recently uploaded videos address different ICT events and advancements on the continent:

  1. FutureLAB at iLAB Nairobi: A discussion of the future of Africa’s ICT was held in Nairobi on February 26th. This montage matches a song with clips of discussion and brainstorming.
  2. East Africa Report – ICT Growth for Business in Africa: A general video from ABNDigital’s East Africa Report featuring a lengthy interview with the Regional General Manager of HP Africa. Also, the video examines the growing counterfeits market.
  3. Coalition in Kenya Working to Protect Children from Internet Abuse: Three organizations in Kenya are taking efforts to warn parents about online hazards. A special program that is easier to use than IE’s privacy settings can block certain types of sites or keywords.
  4. ICANN urges Africa to break Internet Monopolies: Rod Beckstrom, the President & CEO of ICANN explains 1) how lowering African access costs will prevent cyber crime 2) the trend is toward more bandwidth and lower costs, but there are still many pockets of high costs 3) the prices are something that local governments need to look at.
  5. Virtual Revolution s01e01 first 6 mins: This clip from a BBC documentary series has some excellent visuals of Africa and global network connections. Check out the two minutes and then 4:33.