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Summer 2011 video roundup: e-learning, gender, mobile, and more

July 26, 2011  »  VideoNo Comment

In case you missed them (like we did), here are 9 short video clips devoted to raising awareness of various aspects of ICT progress across Africa. They have all been published in the past 4 months and come from unique sources. This collection by no means represents all of the ICT videos released in the past quarter. In fact, quite a few can be found in the Video category on this site. Onward with the roundup!

  1. The eLearning Africa 2011 film: Africa’s potential is its people (July 11, ICWEGMBH)

    • excellent summary of the 6th annual conference on how ICT is being used to improve African education
    • 1,700 participants, 90 countries, 80% from Africa, 322 speakers, 65 sessions
    • 25 ministers, 50+ high-level government officials
    • Link
  2. Opportunities for talent in Ugandan ICT firms (July 5, FlyingBlueClubAfrica (KLM Club Africa: Spark Africa))

    • ICT industry is booming in Kampala
    • Appfrica Labs: provides entrepreneurial jobs (web projects, apps, data collection platforms)
    • learning from each other is a powerful tool as is focusing on needs of local markets
    • Link
  3. New cable to boost internet access in Africa (April 17, AlJazeeraEnglish)

    • WACS summary
    • points out that Namibia, D.R. Congo, Congo, and Togo have never had direct submarine cable access
    • outsourcing should be in Africa (the lack of cables has set Africa 10 years back)
    • Link
  4. Arthur Goldstuck, CEO, WorldWideWorx on the mobile Internet in South Africa (July 10, BalancingActAfrica)
    • strong interaction between what is on phone and what people talk about in the marketplace
    • streaming video still not included in unlimited plans
    • BlackBerry popular among youth
    • Link
  5. U-M student brings Internet to rural Africa (June 10, michiganengineering)
    • solar-powered, cellular based Internet system
    • student aims to understand the need for such technologies in rural Kenya
    • Link
  6. A Mobile Breakthrough In Africa (July 12, forbes)
    • SlimTrader allows retailers to upload inventory
    • consumers can search inventory via text and pay via local payment provider
    • create environment where consumers can use basic tools
    • Link
  7. eTransform Africa: Local ICT in Africa (July 14, ckreutz)
    • robust infrastructure allows entrepreneurs to take risks (Kenya, Morocco)
    • Nigerian power supply issues limit potential
    • Link
  8. Building Women’s Collective Power (July 20, The4real87)
    • the importance of empowering Southern Africa’s women
    • Link
  9. New Dawn for Connectivity in Africa – Part 1 (July 21, ABNDigital)
    • ICT Analyst, Africa Analysis; Head of Business Development, SEACOM; GM of Technology and Infrastructure at MTN Business
    • discussion of open cable platforms
    • Link

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