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Video: NGO Funding Proposal for Mobile School in Slums of Africa

September 29, 2011  »  VideoNo Comment

Proposal Repository, launched in 2009, is a searchable online system, where grant or funding proposals can be submitted at any time (in a standard format, of course). The organization promotes the interest of funding agencies, grant making organizations and investors as well as grant seeking organizations, institutions and businesses.

On September 11, Proposal Repository uploaded a video to their YouTube channel that showcases efforts to bring ICT skills to Kenya. Craft Silicon, a global software company, has sponsored the “Free Computer Education Bus” – a mobile classroom with computers and reliable internet operating via solar panel. The power of the video lies in its lack of over-production or even narration and music. Instead, the clip relies mostly on the ambient sound of students learning, along with brief narration near the end. An image of the bus driving up a road through the slum and a juxtaposition of garbage and bus signifies the need for youth to break-out of their unhealthy surroundings.

Even if the teacher in the video is only explaining how to save a file (‘picture, file, save as, location’ can be seen on the whiteboard), it is a major step in having youth learn to produce digital content.

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