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Video roundup: Burkinabé m-agriculture, Nigerien open government, CS for Ghana/Uganda, and more

March 26, 2013  »  VideoNo Comment

Videos about how technology is improving African lives are becoming more common. Here are some we’ve come across this month.

Market information test starts in Burkina Faso

The Burkinabe farming organization Aprossa-Afrique Verte is testing a platform that will give farmers access to vital market information via mobile phones and computers. The system will launch in April 2013.


ICT-facilitated citizen feedback in the Justice Sector in Niger

In Niger, the ODTA-ICT4Gov program worked closely with the Prime Minister’s office and all four mobile phone operators in the country to develop and integrate a mobile-based platform with the objective of evaluating users’ experience with the justice system.


Growing Use of Mobile Devices in Kenya

Growth of ICT in Africa has been synonymous to that of mobile technology across Africa.


Why ICT in Africa?

Students’ point of view of why they should learn how to access a computer.


Code for Africa: The Emergence of Computer Science in Ghana and Uganda

Presentation (with slides) on how Computer Science is becoming a popular field of university study.


Interactive Africa

The potential market for internet-based businesses in Africa was showcased at the annual South by Southwest Festival in Texas, along with African films and music.


Status of Women in Technology in Africa

A recent Google Hangout examined the subject of Open Source technologies and African women. Questions included what can be done to get more African women involved in the open movement.


Ghana Constructs Second Tech Park

The West African nation of Ghana is constructing a second new technology center with the promise of thousands of jobs. The 10 billion dollar project which is being built along the lines of Kenya’s Konza technology city project is expected to position the country as an ICT hub for the West African region.


Lagos tech hub solves social problem

CNN’s Errol Barnett meets Bosun Tijani who wants to improve education with technology. Featured are Co-Creation Hub and BudgIT app.

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