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Video roundup: engaging African learners, changing lives in Zambia, empowering women in Senegal & Cameroon, and more

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Video segments are a great way to experience how internet access is improving access to information at a local level. At any moment there are hundreds of community projects, government initiatives, and events devoted to empowering people with online literacy skills.

With sustainable development in mind, an impressive twenty or so videos posted over the past six months highlight the diverse ways in which the internet is fostering economic growth in Africa. As usual, most videos focus either on ICT in education or how ICT is strengthening national economies. Tech hubs and tech events are in the spotlight as well.



Connecting young people in rural Uganda

Norwegian NGO, Design without Borders, has worked closely with UNICEF in Uganda to develop computers and an information portal that are particularly suitable for remote, rural areas which are often not on the electricity grid, never mind connected to the Internet. {Louise Orton/Vimeo}

eLearning Africa 2014 – Impressions

eLearning Africa 2014, the Continent’s largest gathering of high-level policy makers, decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government, attracted participants from Africa and beyond. The event was held in Kampala, Uganda, from May 28th-30th. {ICWE/YouTube} Cheetah Fund Campaign engages young African learners when they are not at school. It reinforces classroom lessons with an interactive quiz, which both reinforces learning and measures understanding. {}

Providing affordable health care through ICT innovations

Many African countries contribute less than 10 per cent of their national budget towards health care. Due to the underfunding, this has led to underdevelopment in this essential sector. However, Moka Lantum is an entrepreneur who is changing this through ICT innovations, to provide quality and affordable health care. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

Tech changes lives in Zambia

CNN’s Soni Methu gets an up close look at the impact tech is having across the country. {CNN}


Tech hubs/events

A day at the iHub and a look at Kenya’s startups

Kenya’s tech space is without a doubt one of the most exciting ecosystems to witness in today’s day and age. That’s why Ventureburn recently took a trip up to Nairobi, Kenya to get a closer look at what’s new and happening. {VentureTV}

Senegal’s Womens’ Tech Hub

6 female entrepreneurs in Senegal are changing the face of a traditionally male-dominated ICT industry, by setting up an all-girls ICT technical school. The idea is to raise the number of women with skills in the sector. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Hack4Afrik & Hack4Girl – 2014 Hackathon by AFRICA 24

Hack4Afrik for young undergraduated, Hack4Girl to teach female teenagers how to do websites, two events in Yaoundé Cameroon by Evolving Consulting and ICT4MDG as part of 4th edition of ICT days Africa 3.0. {EvolvingConsulting/YouTube}

Togo Youth Attend Camp to Learn more on ICT

Students from across Togo are attending a tech-camp in the capital, Lome. The workshop offers training and hands on cases in the field of Information, communication and technology. Organisers are impressed with the turnout but suggest more funding to hold such events in the future. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}



State of LTE in Africa

Statistics on African data consumption and how Smile is bringing LTE to Nigeria and beyond. {Smile Communications Nigeria/YouTube}

Safaricom launches 4G LTE technology

Safaricom Limited has launched the 4G LTE technology that will enhance the overall user experience for both individual and corporate customers, and enable them to derive more utility from their devices. The launch was at the village market in Nairobi on December 4, 2014. {Business Daily Africa/YouTube}

TV White Spaces: Bringing Affordable Internet to South Africa

Limpopo TV White Spaces, a Microsoft 4Afrika initiative in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, CSIR, the University of Limpopo and Multisource, in addition to education partners are bringing affordable broadband to an area in Limpopo to connect communities to the information highway. {Microsoft South Africa/YouTube}

Project Isizwe: Free Wi-Fi for South Africa

Project Isizwe is bringing free Wi-Fi to South Africa. This short video explains how its done. {Blink Tower/Vimeo}



Mobile advertising on the rise in Kenya

Businesses in Africa are seeking better ways of getting their message to their clients in an increasingly competitive environment, one such effort is the use of mobile advertising a concept that is fast gaining traction in the east African business environment. Thomas Mbalu is the country manager for Twinpine Network. {CNBC Africa}

Could Africa be the new hub for mobile and online gaming?

Africans are aiming to turn the continent into a new hub for mobile and online gaming. Abiola Olaniran, CEO of Gamsole joins CNBC Africa. {CNBC Africa}

ICT in Rwanda is boosting economic growth

A short overview for Smart Rwanda Days 2014 of how ICT is strengthening the Rwandan economy. {Myict Rwanda/YouTube}

ICT infrastructure boost Botswana’s economic growth

The importance of Information and Communication Technology cannot be underestimated for the growth of economies such as Botswana. In the last decade, Botswana’s ICT infrastructure has had steady growth. ICT expenditure in Botswana is approaching 100 million dollars and a quarter of that amount comes from the government sector. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

Role of ICT in boosting Rwanda’s labour market

To understand the role of ICT in boosting Rwanda’s labour market capacity, we spoke to the ministries of education and that of Youth and ICT. We sought to find out what has been done to achieve equilibrium in supplying the market while at the same time maintaining quality of education. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

#JubileeScoreCard; Overview of Kenya’s ICT sector

The direction that Kenya, and the world at large, was taking in the development journey demands that information, communication and technology is prioritized and attended to as such. {NTV Kenya/YouTube}

S.Africa’s broadband policy to reduce costs

South African internet speeds are slower than those in Rwanda, Lesotho, Libya and Zimbabwe yet our service is one of the most expensive in the world. While less than 10% of households in South Africa have internet access at home, this could be set to change with a recently implemented national broadband policy to reduce costs and increase access. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

Egypt Seeks Funds To Upgrade Its ICT Infrastructure

Egypt’s Communications Minister says the Arab world’s most populous country is planning to upgrade its telecommunications infrastructure, as part of efforts to attract multinationals and restore growth after 3 years of political and economic turmoil. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

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