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Video roundup: ICT hubs, rural projects, m-commerce, online freedom, and more

February 19, 2014  »  VideoNo Comment

Video clips are a great way to experience how internet access is reaching Africans. At any given time there are dozens of community projects, gatherings of stakeholders, and corporate programs devoted to strengthening Africa’s information communication technology. Those behind these initiatives want to share their successes in improving access to ICT with others.

As such, an impressive 35 videos shared on YouTube by various sources in the five months from September 2013 – February 2014 highlight the diverse ways in which the internet is poised to improve African society. Segments feature everything from ICT hubs to conferences to rural projects to mobile commerce to online freedom. Many also feature ways in which corporations are helping to bring internet access to under-served areas of the continent. Quite a few of these stories have already been shared in writing but the visuals and narration serve to bring the stories to life.

Nanyuki power project that provides low cost internet

A unique solar powered project seeks to bridge the digital gap. {KTN Kenya/YouTube}

L’Autre Côte d’Ivoire / The Other Côte d’Ivoire (documentaire)

During Côte d’Ivoire post-election crisis of 2010-2011 some Internet users have improvised aid workers. {Kpata Films/YouTube}

Zambia IXP Project

The Zambia IXP Project aims to keep 20% of internet traffic local to save costs & improve speed. {IXP Toolkit/YouTube}

Smartphone Freedom

A mobile app helps Zambian citizens to shape their new constitution. {WorldBank/YouTube}

Broad Band Africa – A Digital Highway to Rural Tanzania

The documentary Broad Band Africa shows the perspective that people in rural areas of Tanzania have on the use of ICT. {ATA48/YouTube}

Internet Opportunities in Ghana

BloggingGhana rounds-up 2013 with a discussion on Internet Opportunities in Ghana. {BloggingGhana/YouTube}

Google plans to spend $14M to boost internet access in Uganda

News of Google’s investment in high speed internet infrastructure in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, has been received with excitement. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Increasing competition in the African mobile ICT industry

The AfricaCom conference is designed to allow stakeholders to examine the state of the telecoms industries. Last year’s installment had a particular focus on increasing competition in the African mobile ICT industry. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

The @gricultural revolution

A great video on the global agricultural revolution, with many African examples. {ICT4Ag/YouTube}

Students in Togo develop computers from recycled parts

In the Togolese capital, Lome, young tech enthusiasts from Togo and Benin are hard at work building computers from discarded scrap material. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Freedom Online : The internet is freedom!

Tunisia Live asked Tunisians about the net freedom meaning for them and how important internet is. {FO Tunisa/YouTube}

kLab – a Tech Innovation hub in Kigali, Rwanda

kLab is a Tech innovation hub located in Kigali. As Rwanda strives towards establishing a knowledge based economy and achieving its Vision 2020 goals, fostering innovative ICT based SMEs becomes critically important. {mikaclo/YouTube}

How Important Is High-Speed Internet in the Arab World?

How Important Is High-Speed Internet in the Arab World? {WorldBank/YouTube}

New report examines role of ICT in education

A new report examines role of ICT in education in Kenya & Uganda. {Ericsson/YouTube}

Making the Internet Affordable

Mark Zuckerberg explains how we’ll make basic internet services affordable, so everyone with a phone can join the knowledge economy. {}

MM Forum: Impact of Internet in Nigeria

Mobile Monday Nigeria forum, a platform that creates the discourse on the transformations, reports, trends and developments in the Information technology Industry, on the 30th of September focused on the Dalberg report of Internet and mobile penetration in Africa and Nigeria. {WebTV Nigeria/YouTube}

Africa lacking behind in online shopping

Jeremy Hodara a CEO of Africa internet and leading online retail analyst says Africans prefer to shop the traditional way and do not like to give away their credit cards and personal details over the internet. {sabcdigitalnews/YouTube}

Africa’s White Spaces: Leveraging gaps in TV signals to provide internet

The pilot project, run by Microsoft, the Kenyan government and Indigo telecom has transformed learning in Gakawa Secondary school. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Improved broadband in Africa key to GDP growth

According to research by advisory firm McKinsey, increased deployment of broadband in Africa could unleash tremendous growth opportunity, it estimates that improved internet access could boost gross domestic product across the continent by 300-billion-dollars a year by 2025. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

How to Provide Eco-friendly Solution for Africa: Samsung Digital Villages

The Digital Village Solution is made up of several individual solar-powered innovations, including generators, lanterns, a tele-medical center, health center, and Internet school. {SamsungTomorrow/YouTube}

Innovators create BRCK just for Internet 4 Africa

Connectivity to the internet is still a struggle for many around world. Frustrated with their own connection issues, Kenyan developers, set out to address this gap in the market with a tool they named BRCK. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Al Shabaab bans the use of the Internet in Somalia

Somali rebel group Al Shabaab has banned the use of the Internet in the Horn of Africa country. Telecom operators now have just 9 days, what is left of a 15 day deadline to comply with the order or risk retaliation. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Africa on edge of internet frontier

Technology will take centre stage at this year’s World Economic Forum. Business leaders are gathering in Davos for the annual event, which starts on Wednesday. And one of the main discussion points is Africa. {eNCAnews/YouTube}

Ericsson Bets On 3G In Fast-growing Africa Telecoms

The world’s top mobile infrastructure supplier Ericsson is betting that the fast-growing African mobile broadband market will remain dominated by 3G services over the next years, as the newest 4G smartphones remain too expensive for local consumers. {WochitBusiness/YouTube}

Ericsson and Lake Victoria

Ericsson employee David Muwanguzi moved back to Africa after some time abroad. He is now seeing the impact of technology in Uganda not only on the urban environment, but also on rural life. {Ericsson/YouTube}

Ericsson Roundtable Event: M-Commerce in Africa

This Ericsson event brought operators, regulators and other mobile commerce stakeholders together for a dialogue on how m-commerce can contribute to Africa’s economic and social growth. {Ericsson/YouTube}

Minister Nsengimana noted that ICT transforms lives of Rwandans

The Minister for Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana continues to transform lives of citizens in Rwanda. {MYICT Rwanda/YouTube}

Inside IBM Research Africa

IBM Research Africa as launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta. {ICT Authority Kenya/YouTube}

Investment opportunities in ICT infrastructure in Rwanda

Doing business in Rwanda explores investment opportunities in ICT infrastructure, focusing on the deliberations of the ‘Transform Africa’ Summit held in Kigali recently. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

MEDO Youth ICT Incubator Opening

Scenes from the opening of the first youth incubator in South Africa. {MEDO/YouTube}

UCC / ICT East African Community Integration

Communication regulators in East Africa are discussing to pave a way forward for regional Information Communication technology integration. {Simon Mugisha/YouTube}

ICT and its role in fast tracking development & economic growth

Nairobi was host to a world economic forum focusing on ICT and its role in fast tracking development and economic growth on the back of Africa’s economy which is growing at a steady rate of between 5-6% per annum. {CNBCAfrica/YouTube}

South African Minister of Communications Yunus Carrim on tackling inequality through ICT

Yunus Carrim is the Minister of Communications of South Africa. He spoke with The Prospect Group about the contribution of the ICT sector to the South African economy, reducing technological inequalities, and the role cell phones a will play narrowing the gap between the connected and not-connected. {The Prospect Group/YouTube}

Gabon plans to develop largest ICT hub in central Africa

Armand Clotaire Lichambany is the General Manager of Gabon’s Department for the Promotion of the Digital Economy, the promotional arm of the nation’s Ministry of Digital Economy, Communication & Postal Services. He spoke with The Prospect Group about government investment in ICT in Gabon, opportunities for private sector investment, and Mandji Island. {The Prospect Group/YouTube}

Transform Africa

Dozens of videos were added to this channel during the 2013 Transform Africa Summit co-hosted by the Government of Rwanda and ITU. {Transform Africa/YouTube}

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