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Video roundup: LTE, Google events, South African challenges, innovation, and more

September 9, 2013  »  VideoNo Comment

Video is a great way to experience how Africans are accessing the internet. Fourteen videos posted by various sources in August-September 2013 highlight the diverse ways in which the internet is improving African society.

The most commonly discussed subject is again LTE. Many groups are interested in the demand for data and how Africa is shifting from voice to 4G. Also of interest are Google’s ‘Africa Connected’ competition which encourages local content creation and discussions from Google’s recent Big Tent event in South Africa. Lastly, general African innovation is always a key concept worth sharing.

Africa Connected

Africa Connected is an initiative by Google and partners to promote the value of the web in the lives of the people of Africa. The competition encourages Africans to submit videos of how they are using the internet to change their communities. {Google Africa/YouTube}

Africa’s role in the World Wide Web

Ghanaian internet pioneer Nii Quaynor discusses the future of Internet industries across Africa. {CNN}

South Africa’s low internet accessibility is seen as a big concern at Google’s Big Tent event

At a recent Google event in South Africa, Vinton Cerf discussed challenges facing South Africa’s ICT sector. Focuses were online business and government policy. {SABCDigitalNews/YouTube}

Is Africa ready to roll-out wireless fourth generation network

At the first dedicated LTE event in Cape Town last month, ABN Digital decided to take a look at just how wireless has changed and if Africa is ready for the roll-out of the fourth generation. {ABNDigital/YouTube}

How African innovation can take on the world

Professor Calestous Juma tells how Africa must shift to technology-driven development and should support tech startups. {CNN}

Tech Report | From 2G to LTE

Representatives from Telkom explain how Africa is moving from 2G to LTE. {eNCATechReport/YouTube}

Rise of social media provides opportunities for Africa business

African consumers are making more use of social media than ever before – this as mobile phone users have surpassed 650 million across the continent, and mobile internet usage is the highest in the world. {ABNDigital/YouTube}

The Ethiopia Banking And ICT Summit Held In Addis Ababa

Ethiopia’s ICT and banking sectors are among the fastest growing functions in the country. Aiming at harnessing them, the Ethiopia Banking and ICT Summit was held in Addis Ababa. {CCTV Africa/YouTube}

Neotel launches wireless broadband offering powered by LTE

The LTE race in South Africa is getting hotter as Neotel recently launched their wireless broadband offering. {ABNDigital/YouTube}

ITWeb Interviews: IT skills shortage

Dariel Solutions MD, Malcolm Rabson, explains to ITWeb where South Africa’s ICT sector falls short. {ITWEBvideo/YouTube}

Expert on Africa’s Internet revolution

Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN, on how Internet access can help revolutionize African business. {CNN}

Better Internet connectivity for South Africa?

South Africa’s new Communications Minister Yunus Carrim took reader questions on broadband, the SABC and more in the live M&G Hangout. {Mail & Guardian/YouTube}

One of Africa’s top ICT entrepreneurs Austin Okere Shares his views on the Nigerian ICT sector

Discussion of Nigeria’s ICT development challenges. {CyberAfricaTV/YouTube}

Huawei Algeria LTE

Huawei is helping to build an innovation center in Algeria. {Haitham Ahmed/YouTube}

Eritrean PIA talks about Internet Connection in Eritrea by EriTV

The Eritrean President is interviewed about future plans to improve the country’s internet connection. {EriTV/YouTube}

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