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Video: Simple Kenyan mobile apps for saving lives

August 4, 2011  »  VideoNo Comment

A recent Kenya Television Network (KTN) technology segment titled “Mobile apps for saving lives” highlights two apps that rely on simplicity to serve powerful humanitarian benefits.

The first is the Kenyans 4 Kenya app which allows Kenyans (and the world) to learn about the gravity of the Horn of Africa famine and donate via mobile payment. Simplicity is key to the apps appeal. There are only a couple of screens and few links to click. Visuals are far from distracting. It’s a no frills, cut-to-the-chase kind of app, but in this case, it gets the job done. The same goes for Maisha, a pregnancy guide for mothers-to-be. Navigation is very simple and users are guided by basic images and text.

Developers take note: although ideas are important, the execution matters just as much, especially when working with tight deadlines. Plus, users thrive on simplicity. Make them frustrated and they will not use your product – however life-changing it may be.

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