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Video: TEDx Nairobi – Julie Gichuru

November 4, 2010  »  VideoNo Comment

TEDx Nairobi, a┬áseries of local and self-organized events that brought people together to share a TED-like experience may have taken place this past September, but videos of the presentations have just made their way online. All 9 speakers are worth a view, but Julie Gichuru’s presentation on her perceived future for Kenya is of special interest. In a matter of 18 minutes Ms. Gichuru does an excellent job of channeling energy into lasting excitement. In her attempt to especially motivate the youth in attendance, Ms. Gichuru touched upon themes of:

  • youth empowerment and a positive approach to life
  • the importance of mobile and the need to embrace technology
  • the need to regularly discuss possibilities for change
  • the idea that change starts with ourselves
  • how the grassroots level makes a difference
  • how Africa’s vision is essentially linked with mindset andvalues systems
  • natural resources and successfully harnessing energy

Did Ms. Gihuru succeed in TEDx’s goal of sparking deep discussion and connection in a small group? Let’s hope so.

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