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Videos on Google’s Social Efforts, Ghanaian Media Centre, Nokia in SA

September 5, 2011  »  VideoNo Comment

Three recent online videos provide different viewpoints of how businesses are bringing positive social change to Africa. The first, in an interview format, discusses the barriers facing entrepreneurs and how Google is enabling local discovery of solutions. The second provides an 11-minute look inside a media center in eastern Ghana. The third examines how Nokia and South Africa are partnering to encourage youth interest in math/science along with business development.

Ideas Project interview with Megan Smith, VP New Business Development and GM of on emerging markets.

  • humanity coming together to interact: social instead of just economic – it’s exciting
  • people in deep poverty have most expensive Internet (true in Central Asia as well)
  • voice services are OK, but data is not yet
  • many entrepreneurs leave Africa to start businesses
  • summarizes momentum behind undersea cables
  • cites Google offices in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa
  • bottom line: Google is building a network to facilitate social change

Ghana Tour July 2011: Atimpoku Media Centre

Go inside and experience the optimism (plus great-looking computing facilities for the Eastern region)

  • started by an African Diaspora returnee to Ghana his Ghanaian Business Partner
  • created a great deal of opportunities in the area

Nokia Expanding its Reach in Africa

  • South Africa Dept of Science and Technology is collaborating with Nokia
  • 20 years ago there were a few thousand mobiles globally. now, there are 5.3 billion
  • phase is about ecosystems (ie. local systems and content)
  • aim to encourage youth and business development
  • 4 prong approach: basic math/science education, entrepreneurship & innovation,  advisory role (supporting government), square-kilometer array

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