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African e-content vies for World Summit Award

August 21, 2013  »  WebNo Comment

The World Summit Award is a global initiative within the UN Framework. It awards outstanding local e-content and promotes it at a global level. The 40 WSA Winners will be invited to present their projects at the WSA Global Congress 2013 in Sri Lanka (Oct 23-26).

More than 450 nominees are competing against each other to win the World Summit Award 2013. Fourteen African nations (out of 168 total in the contest) are represented by a diverse variety of electronic products and services across several categories including e-Government, e-Health, and e-Learning.


African products have strong representation. {WSA}

Even nomination is a big victory. Nomination gives more coverage to the product (international and national). It also gives some prestige and the chance to compete at a global level. Plus, judges provide critical feedback on how to improve the product.

Criteria is a standard mix of quality of design/usability and ability to contribute to the development of an information society.

We’ve listed the African competitors below, along with their category and provided URL. Most have flown under the radar, not getting big press this past year. Such is the case with many innovative products that serve local African needs. The apps may not be flashy or have a large marketing budget, but they greatly contribute to strengthening the information society.


  • e-Government & Open Data, Egypt’s Information Portal,
  • e-Health & Environment, DrBridge,
  • e-Learning & Science, PresentationTube,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Egyptian Senet,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, Egyptian Archives of Folk-life and Folk Traditions,
  • e-Media & Journalism,,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Beliaa,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, Nassya,


  • e-Government & Open Data, Generic e-service development tool,
  • e-Health & Environment, Mobile Based Decision Support System to Improve Child Health Care (mobile e-Health System),


  • e-Government & Open Data, The Street Development Project,
  • e-Health & Environment, Mobile Technology for Community Health in Ghana (MOTECH Ghana),
  • e-Learning & Science, MyPassCo,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Leti Games True Ananse series,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, Trokxi,
  • e-Media & Journalism, Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman (BDOABW),
  • e-Business & Commerce, Nandimobile Infoline,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, 233Law,


  • e-Government & Open Data, iTax,
  • e-Health & Environment, Gruppo Health,
  • e-Learning & Science, Eneza Education,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Lipisha,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, M-KOPA SOLAR,


  • e-Government & Open Data, BNGRC from TELMA,
  • e-Health & Environment, FUNAP from TELMA,
  • e-Learning & Science, Learning by mobile phone,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Ticket Reservation System,
  • e-Media & Journalism, FIL INFO from TELMA,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Airte money,


  • e-Media & Journalism, Nation Online,


  • e-Health & Environment, E-Pulsar System,
  • e-Learning & Science, eLearning course for online course developers and online tutors,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Owela Game,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, Softbooking System,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, E-Campus Learning Portal,


  • e-Government & Open Data, Transparent Nigeria,
  • e-Health & Environment, LocateCare,
  • e-Learning & Science, Tablet of Knowledge,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Efiko Quiz Game,
  • e-Media & Journalism, TWO TV Network,
  • e-Business & Commerce, iTeller,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, NAGROSOL,


  • e-Health & Environment, mituelle membership management system,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Airtime on credit service,

South Africa

  • e-Health & Environment, Hello Doctor,
  • e-Learning & Science, GetSmarter,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Springleap,
  • e-Business & Commerce, SMEasy,


  • e-Learning & Science, Open University of Sudan,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Faisal Islamic Bank Sudan,


  • e-Government & Open Data, Wajjahni (Guide Me),
  • e-Learning & Science, Islam eBooks,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Tin &Food,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, Mahdia Online,
  • e-Media & Journalism, Observatory of parliament members actions,
  • e-Business & Commerce, BeezTouch Suite,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, All4Charity,


  • e-Government & Open Data, Research Africa,
  • e-Health & Environment, The Medical Concierge Call Centre and Service,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, Oh Uganda – National Anthem App,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, Gorilla Highlands on the iPad,
  • e-Media & Journalism, Sawa World Solution Videos,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Inforex,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, Vusion,


  • e-Government & Open Data, Zambian Draft Constitution,
  • e-Learning & Science, Bantu Babel,
  • e-Entertainment & Games, The SCND Genesis,
  • e-Culture & Tourism, The Best of Zambia,
  • e-Business & Commerce, Fist Drive,
  • e-Inclusion & Empowerment, Womens Rights App (WRAPP),

*Adapted from the complete list of WSA 2013 nominees.

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