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Brazzaville bloggers mobilize to produce online content

April 1, 2014  »  WebNo Comment

Bantuhub is a coworking space, startup incubator, and innovation lab located in Brazzaville, Congo. Bantuhub recognizes the need to discover a different approach to web communication and social media in the country.



On March 31st, Bantuhub held a special evening event to mobilize local bloggers. The event, open to all who love sharing information, aimed to teach participants how to better create and manage blogs. After all, Congolese online content is sorely lacking and as the organizers point out, there is nothing better than a blog to share one’s passions.

Through the hashtag #BloggingNight, we can see the pros and cons of blogging in Brazzaville:

  • blogging can remedy the problems of under-information faced by the population
  • blogging can stop false rumors
  • bloggers are often threatened because of published content; they must be careful to find credible information
  • bloggers have the advantage of being an editorial line that can counter national media
  • the biggest problem facing bloggers in Congo is the lack of an internet connection

No fewer than 40 people signed up for the event and at least two dozen attended.

No doubt Brazzaville now has a much stronger blogging community!

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