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Google Technology User Group (GTUG) Gambia

May 30, 2012  »  WebNo Comment

Dozens of GTUGs and other user groups exist across Africa. The Africa Android Challenge site has a fairly thorough list.

We often read of institutional activity out of The Gambia – ISOC, AfNOG, AFRINIC are known to host events in the country – but we recently came across an upstart initiative to build the developer community in The Gambia. Last December, a couple of intrepid technology users established a Google Technology User Group (GTUG) in the country. The not-for-profit hopes to join all Google technology (apps, Droid, Chrome, APIs) users in the developer community of the country. Not surprisingly, in addition to a Google Site, the group has a G+ account. So far, the profile only has photos from the maiden launch event, but expect more activity in the coming months.

We love how the group describers its presence as anything from “just a few people getting together to watch our latest video, to large gatherings with demos and tech talks, to events like code sprints and hackathons.” Says co-organizer Poncelet Ileleji:

Having a fledging Gtugs community in the Gambia will give a lot of potential to our young technology suave generation in  the Gambia by enabling them exploit the potential of developing apps through Google technologies that will aid their own personal and professional development and also aid the overall socio economic development of The Gambia, of which ICT’s play a key role for our overall national development.”

GTUG Gambia

{GTUG Gambia}

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