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Mali’s interim president arguably has one of the best designed websites in the country

May 30, 2013  »  WebNo Comment

Dioncounda Traoré, the interim president of Mali, has a great website. Designed by Bamako-based agency Spirit McCann Erickson (who counts Malitl and Diago as clients), the site is arguably one of the best-designed in Mali. Despite a difficult presidency and priorities of restoring national unity rather than creating a unique web presence, Mr. Traoré has an impressive website. At, designed in advance of the never-held 2012 presidential elections, one can find links to social networks, a blog, biography, and political platform.


One of the best designed websites in Mali. Click to enlarge. {}

Sadly, the site has not been updated in some time. The blog, where citizens could submit questions to the president (while he was a candidate), has remained silent since July 2012. Not only did Mr. Traoré have active Twitter and Facebook profiles (also silent since July 2012), but his campaign also employed YouTube, Flickr, and Google+. Even more impressively, a document Réflexions sur la vacance du pouvoir (reflections on the power vacuum) was posted on the President’s SlideShare account some time after the missed April 29, 2012 elections.

Now if only the president could again become active on his site…

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