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New website promotes Chadian culture

December 23, 2012  »  WebNo Comment

A team of four Chadian women living abroad in Paris have launched a new cultural website, La beauté tchadienne. They are not new to the Internet; the site has evolved from a successful Facebook page (18,133+ likes!), Blogger blog, and Twitter account.



The authors recognize the power of technology to bring citizens closer together – something we admire greatly. In a detailed post on December 17th, the ladies of LBT explained the mission of the site. We translated the (powerful) goals as:

  • to contribute to the reputation of Chad
  • to promote Chadian culture
  • to enable democratic debate
  • to support victims and develop solidarity
  • to create a sense of patriotism

Impressive, to say the least. Recent posts highlight various recipes, beauty contest winners, and other various cultural events. The emphasis on women is refreshing as well.

LBT is definitely a site to watch as there really is minimal current web content representing Chad. Although the site is not based in Chad, it still serves an important purpose and can serve to encourage further local content creation from within the country as well as from afar.

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