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Social Media Week Lagos 2013

November 7, 2012  »  WebNo Comment

Social Media Week is a rapidly growing bi-annual global conference that takes place for five days in February and September. Twenty-six cities have already played host. In February 2013, Lagos will be the first African city to host the conference.

Social Media Week Lagos


The location makes perfect sense. Today, Nigerians use social media to share their lives, engage with one another, and make connections around the world. Social media not only gives Nigerians a global platform to share, but it also helps everyday citizens rediscover and reengage with their local communities. Social Media Week Lagos will explore just how important being connected to the world is for 21st century Africans. Attendees can expect a wealth of insight on topics ranging from mobile app development for agricultural communities to the prevalence and importance of social media in the government sector.

As SMW Lagos Chair Obi Asika aptly points out:

Social Media Week Lagos provides an exciting opportunity for engagement, new conversations about how business, government, culture, sports, and the entertainment industries use social media to impact our daily lives.”

The SMWLagos Twitter and Facebook accounts have already become quite active leading up to the event. Follow them and keep close tabs on the action as February 18th draws near!

Social Media Week Lagos is produced by Dragon Africa and AFRIKA21.

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