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ZedFibre promotes web presence in Zambia

May 8, 2011  »  WebNo Comment

At oAfrica, we are always on a quest for new resources that raise awareness of African tech achievements. Enter ZedFibre, a relatively small one-man Zambian blog that shares ICT action from Zambia. The site went live in January 2010, posted a substantial volume of articles, went quiet for a few months, and then became active again this past March. Unfortunately, Zed has remained silent since mid-April.

zedfibreZedFibre has posted on a variety of subjects including:

  • Android Developer Challenge
  • SolarAid installing solar panels in 49 schools
  • Latest Zambian Facebook usage statistics
  • Review of 2010 ICT Fair

Zambia, despite being a landlocked nation, has great connectivity potential. Not only does Zambia have a solid telecentre network and an IXP in Lusaka, but the country will soon have direct fibre links to both South Africa and East Africa. Plus, the upcoming elections in October 2011 will be interesting to monitor, hopefully via social media.

Hopefully new posts will resume soon as I’m sure we all would like to hear more about what is happening on the ground in Zambia.

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